Ready for Anything

Sometimes clients will tip me off to things that I might not know to expect but not this time. Fortunately I’ve learned to expect the unexpected and to be ready for anything. Sometimes “anything” is the uncles stripping off their shirts and sandwiching the bride.

Part of the picture

Somewhere along the way I learned that as a wedding photographer I didn’t always need to keep myself out of the picture. Yes that is my hand in the foreground and yes I did drink that shot of tequila at 11am. In the center is Brian Leahy, the groom and keeper of the excellent blog The Groom Says. A year earlier I did engagement portraits around Brooklyn with Brian and his now-wife Joanna so when I showed up at Pacifico on Smith Street in Boerum Hill, we were able to get right down to business.

The best compliment

As a photographer, one of the best compliments I can get to have my colleagues vouch for me and even better to be trusted to document another photographer’s wedding. My friend Greg Ruffing, a freelance photographer out of Chicago, recommended me to his friend Abigail Volkmann, a wedding and portrait photographer out of Richmond, Virginia for her intimate wedding at the Ladies Pavillion in Central Park.

Happy New Years part II

One thing I love about shooting weddings in New York is being able to experience so many different cultures. In the off season one of my favorite things to do is to visit restaurants in far flung neighborhoods across the five boroughs. On Saturday I was eating Asam Laksa at the Malaysian restaurant Redang Island in Sunset Park, Brooklyn when the New Years dragon dancers came in to pay respects. Fortunately I had my camera with me.