My Bag of Tricks

Most of the time I prefer to work with natural light, things in weddings change quickly and sometimes I need to make my own light. One of my favorite tools is the Canon ST-E2 wireless flash transmitter. It’s a tiny infrared transmitter that clips on top of my camera and allows me to place the flash a little farther from the camera for a more pleasing lighting effect. With high ISO and wide aperture I could have exposed for this scene with natural light but the inside of the car would still be too dark to make anything out. If I’d used flash on camera there would have been nasty reflections in the window so thinking on the fly, I slipped the ST-E2 on my camera and placed a strobe on the passenger seat to add just a little light to the interior. The camera and strobe talk to each other so I was able to nail the exposure the first try fire off a couple frames and retrieve the strobe before the car drove off.