About Me

Sometimes a friend will tell you to be a seagull and you just have to do what they say.

Hi, my name isĀ Noah and I’m a photographer living it up in beautiful Brooklyn, New York. Photography is truly a passion for me and for most of my life I’ve had a camera in my hand. Some time around fourth or fifth grade I got really curious about my dad’s old Nikkormat from the 70s. Before long I was spending my weekends at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle trying to make photos where it didn’t look like the animals were in cages. In high school I spent all my free time in the darkroom and was that guy who knew more about photography than the teacher. On a family trip to France in 2003 I was exposed to the work of master photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson and the idea of the ‘decisive moment’. That really opened my eyes to the story-telling potential of photographs. After seeing a National Geographic featuring an annual project by photojournalism students at Ohio University I decided that’s where I wanted to go to college and spent four years there constantly inspired by an incredibly talented group of peers. Shortly after graduating I discovered that I could photograph weddings the same way I photograph everything else and have a blast doing it. In addition to photographing weddings I also keep busy as a freelance editorial photographer. You may have seen my photos in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Out New York or Edible Brooklyn.